Various markets can benefit from Additive Manufacturing of ceramics. Our customers are challenged to find the right solution to produce their complex geometries in high resolution. Through application of the Admaflex Technology, this has been made possible. Since the startup of our print services, numerous positive outcomes have been achieved. We would like to share these success stories with you, introducing: customer Tuesday. In today’s edition, we’re sharing one of our continuous productions;

Dentsply Sirona is one of the world’s largest full service dental suppliers. An application they provide, is a ceramic support structure to enable glazing artificial teeth homogeneously. Various complex designs apply, with the need for form freedom and redesign. Additive manufacturing is a cost-effective solution compared to conventional, technologies like molding with higher ramp-up cost and throughput times. This is where Admatec stepped in, as they are dedicated to 3D print ceramic through their patented Admaflex technology. First providing a prototype for feasibility and design optimization, now supplying Dentsply Sirona year-round through producing 250+ pieces on a monthly basis. As a result of the open architecture of the Admaflex 130 and the capability to manufacture high dense, fully functional complex ceramic geometries with minimal waste, Additive Manufacturing here has proven to be the way to go in today’s industry.

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