We have a broad experience in production of high tech ceramic components thanks to our jobshop services executed since early 2013.

Driving market acceptance of ceramic additive manufacturing is directly related to the available materials. We are dedicated to developing customer-specific components, and currently able to provide the following options:

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide, or alumina, is one of the most used ceramic compounds in high tech applications because of its relatively high thermal conductivity, hardness, resistance against corrosion and refractoriness.

Alumina finds applications in catalysis, water purification, electronics and medical implants, such as hip replacements.

Admatec aluminum oxide solution, the AdmaPrint A130, provides components with high density (>99%) and smooth surfaces (Ra = 0.6 – 1.2µm).

Zirconium Oxide

With superior mechanical properties, Zirconia, presents high flexural strength and fracture resistance. Zirconia is also biocompatible and presents high chemical inertness.

Among the applications of Zirconia, we can find: dental restorations, thermal barrier coatings and aesthetic purposes such as jewelry.

AdmaPrint Z130, the Zirconium oxide solution of Admatec, allows to obtain strong products with high definition.

Fused Silica

Silicon oxide of the type fused silica is a widely used ceramic in the metal casting industry. Pure fused silica and doped mixes are used for their excellent thermal shock resistance and are chemically inert to most elements.

AdmaPrint S130 delivers silica products with low porosity and roughness. Admatec develops on-demand base compositions targeting the requirements of the techniques using fused silica products.

Alumina Toughened Zirconia (ATZ)

Combinations of alumina and zirconia present synergies that improve the original pure-component mechanical and chemical properties. Alumina toughened zirconia (zirconia with alumina as dopant) is mostly employed in dental industry as the final material has improved flexural strength and better thermal conductivity properties.

We develop ATZ feedstocks that are perfectly adapted to the Admaflex technology in order to obtain high-tech components with the added value of form freedom of using additive manufacturing.

Silica based materials for investment casting

Silica-based materials, with various additives, are excellent ceramic solutions for the production of casting cores in investment casting due to their high temperature stability, thermal shock resistance and leachability.

AdmaPrint C130 is a silica-based casting core feedstock with alumina and zirconia for the casting of steel and nickel-based super alloys. It delivers mechanically strong cores at high temperatures with good surface properties.


Printing with Hydroxyapatite is currently in R&D stage, where we are keen on adding this material to our portfolio soon, as it is very well-suited for bone replacement and dental implants.

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