Founded November 2013

Admatec started as a research project in Summer 2012 at Formatec Ceramics, a company specialised in ceramic injection molding (CIM). In looking for different ways to shape ceramics, Formatec set up a project with ECN (Energy Center Netherlands). Forming a strong base together in knowledge and experience, thorough studies resulted in developing a way to 3D print ceramics. Now, Admatec is a company dedicated to producing ceramics through Additive Manufacturing from single piece to large-scale series.

Fast development

Admatec was the first to introduce job services for printing high dense ceramic components, using the in-house developed ADMAFLEX technology. In addition, the launch of a 3D ceramic printer for commercial use was announced. The Admaflex 130 has been introduced to the market in Fall 2016. Zirconia, Alumina and Fused Silica are currently available, and as a result of constant R&D work additional materials follow shortly. We are constantly advancing our process and services, aiming to improve printing speeds and platform sizes, while remaining high resolution.

At Admatec we focus on the capabilities that our ceramic 3d printers offer. Many markets can benefit from applying ceramics to their products: the possibilities are almost endless!

Founded the Admaflex 130

Keep advancing

Our goal is to stay on top of the development and to keep our position at the forefront in the market. For this, we invest in research and we are focused on the future. We are a proud participant of the Horizon 2020 project, a European initiative that subsidizes research of innovative technological development. In addition, we recently received accreditation as an ‘accredited work placement company’, allowing us to train secondary vocational education students to become professionals.

Founding members

Founded by Formatec
Founded by ECN

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