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High detail, smooth surface, complex geometries and fully dense parts

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Admaflex 300

High-volume ceramic and metal 3D printing
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Superior mechanical, electrical,
thermal, biological and
chemical material properties

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Ceramics Metals

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From single piece
to production

Innovation for the future with
improved performance
and cost-effective solutions


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Precision investment casting

3D printing to enable producing
complex configurations
for high-precision investment casting


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Press release

November 14, 2019

Admatec introduces the Admaflex 300; a flexible, high-volume ceramic and metal 3D printer for production of large scale parts

Upscaling the build volume to 200x200x300mm with integrated in-process quality monitoring and upgradable to handle a broad range of materials and an automated feedstock dosing system allowing the production of large products.


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Ceramics Expo

Trade show Location Cleveland, Ohio, USA Date 5-6 May 2020

Metal Additive Manufacturing Seminar

Lecture Location Augsburg, Germany Date 13-15 May 2020


Trade show Location Geneva, Switzerland Date 16-19 June 2020


Lecture and Trade show Location Montreal, Canada Date 27 June-1 July 2020

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