Admaflex 130 Entry
ceramic 3D printer


Admaflex 130 Entry

Our entry-level machine for 3D printing of advanced ceramics. Admaflex technology is ideal for the development and 24/7 digital serial production of functional and aesthetical parts requiring complex geometries, high resolution, fine details, and smooth surface while benefiting from excellent material properties. The Admaflex 130 Entry is fully upgradable to the Admaflex 130 Evolution.


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Admaflex 130 Entry technical specifications

Digital Light Processing (DLP),
also known as Vat Photo Polymerization (VPP),
or stereo Lithography based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM)

Printing build volume (X,Y,Z) 

102 x 64 x 400 mm | 4.01 x 2.51 x 15.7 inch (40 μm)

Layer thickness

10 - 200 µm, depending on material type

Build speed (layers/h)

Up to 300 layers per hour

Build speed (mm/h)

Up to 60 mm/h, depending on material type

Wall thickness

0.1 - 10 mm in Al2O3

Build platform fixture

Zero-point clamping system

Machine dimension (WxDxH)

980 x 670 x 1880 mm | 38.5 x 26.37 x 74 inches


ca. 300 kg | 660 lbs

Required working temperature

22 +/- 5°C

Required working humidity

< 40% (in standard configuration)


Ethernet, USB

Power requirements

110 / 230 V 6 A

File compatibility


Final product density

Technical ceramics > 98.5% - 99.9%*
*depending on sintering curve

Specifications per October 2022 – subject to change

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Introducing the Admaflex Technology


From design to manufacturing
of functional parts with form freedom

Admatec supplies solutions for 3D printing, debinding and sintering, and provides training to help customers achieve the best results during each step of the process.


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