Technology developments

At Admatec we’re constantly seeking to further develop our technologies to advance the industry. We invest in research with a focus on the future and expanding the versatility of 3D printing. With our aim to provide a flexible and open-architecture way of working, we are continuously looking to improve our product portfolio by adding new breakthrough solutions.

The Laserflex Technology

With the unique approach of direct precision printing of multiple materials, The Laserflex can revolutionize the industry by enabling to perform a drastically improved Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) technique to obtain functional graded metals.

The exceptional improvement of the PBF process results in:

  • Low internal and residual stress with improved resolution
  • A homogeneous microstructure
  • Safe and environmentally friendly operation, using slurry instead of a powder
  • Multi and/or functional graded material in one build process


Laserflex/ multimaterial

The upgraded PBF delivers the advantages of a direct product generation process because it does not need additional sintering or annealing steps. So performance is quicker and more cost effective, while optimum material quality and fine features are ensured. With the added benefit that multiple materials can be handled at the same time.


Our partner Montanuniversität Leoben published an article about the feasibility of synthesizing a multi-metal hybrid structure based on IN625 and 316L and the patented Admatec technology, featuring unique multilayered microstructures. You can access the article here.


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