Design guidelines for ceramic 3D printing

Are you looking for on-demand production of technical ceramic components? 

For single products and small scale production, Additive Manufacturing is the ideal technique. Formatec, offers a 3D printing service to economically manufacture prototypes and small batches of high-performance ceramic, applying the Admaflex Technology. After checking our design guide, please upload your technical drawing in PDF and geometry file as STEP or STL and Formatec will advise you on printability and costs.

Admatec design guide for Alumina Al2O3

Does the geometry fit in the maximum part size of the machine (X,Y,Z = 145 × 145 × 180 mm)?

Is the wall thickness between 0,3 mm and 10 mm (better between 0,5 and 8 mm) and as uniform as possible?

Are the smallest features above 0,2 mm (pins and holes)?

Are sharp angles at inner corners avoided? Advised are radii of 0,15 mm or higher.

Check if the required product tolerance is at a printable range, typical +/- 0,3% or +/- 0,02 mm to +/- 0,2 mm depending on product geometry. Note that tolerances can be improved in the sintered stage.

Are overhangs up to 55 degrees or less than 2 mm? Then supports are not needed.

Are overhangs above 60 degrees and more than 4 mm? Then supports might be needed.

Inner channels are best designed round, when perpendicular to Z building direction they can be built without internal support structures in diameters as of 2 mm.


Admatec design suggestions


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