Metal 3D printing

made accessible with the Admaflex 130

Start printing metal with Admaflex 130 and experience fine details, smooth surfaces and no residual stresses with DLP technology. Thanks to its open-platform system, this 3D printer makes metal and ceramic printing accessible for production, prototyping and R&D even on tight development budgets.
This 3D printer is based on a modular concept, that lets you select different resolutions and building volumes according to your needs.

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Admaflex patented technology, characterized by the use of slurries, reduces health and safety issues associated with metal powders typically used by other technologies such as SLM. The Admaflex 130 3D printer offers different types of metals including:

  • 316L
  • 17-4-PH
  • Inconel 625
  • Copper


The Admaflex 130 3D printer comes with its software that lets you manage print jobs locally on the machine or remotely on your computer. It offers predefined settings for an optimized and intuitive workflow while allowing freedom to change and experiment.


Printing technology DLP
Net printing build volume
90 x 56 x 110 (35 μm)
160 x 100 x 110 mm (62.5 μm)
*Optional increase of Z stage, up to 396 mm
Layer thickness
15 – 100 μm
Final product density Metals > 96%; Ceramics² > 98.5%
*typically above 99% depending on sintering curve
Machine dimensions 575 x 880 x 1760 mm
Weight Approx. 300 kg
Required working temperature 22 +/- 2°C
Relative humidity < 40%
Power requirements 110 / 230 V
File compatibility SLC
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