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May 12, 2020

3 reasons to get your Admaflex 130 upgraded


The possibilities with 3D printing technology are rapidly advancing. At Admatec we have anticipated on these improvements by providing the opportunity to keep up with the latest tech developments.  Now offering an upgrade of current systems into the "2020 version" of the Admaflex 130. In brief, the 2020 model enables:

  • Full printer control trough an integrated camera system, also tracking foil movement.
  • Improved machine accuracy by enhanced rigidity of the glass plate.
  • A dual motor system for foil supply, controlled by the printers' UI.

We are commited to supporting our customers with the latest state of the art in 3D printing of ceramic and metal. When you are interested in the upgrade or if you have different requirements, let us know! info (remove this) at / +31 85 0777 101