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3D printing of ceramics and metals


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Admaflex 130

High precision 3D printing of ceramics and metals

Two materials, one machine; the Admaflex 130 is suited for 3D printing both ceramic as metal precision parts. Through an optional add-on, the ceramic 3D printer is suited to print metals too. This unique add-on supports high dense materials in staying homogeneous throughout the printing process, to optimize each layer. The advanced patented Admaflex Technology has an innovative material reconditioning system to minimize waste to none. The integrated DLP light engine allows for large surface printing, while maintaining precision and resolution, to produce even the smallest sized features in full detail. The Admaflex 130 is set up with an open architecture, providing layer-to-layer control to define printer settings, easily accessible through an adaptive touch screen. And, though AdmaPrint products achieve the best printing results, the open architecture also enables using in-house developed materials.

Introducing the Admaflex 130

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Laserflex Conflux

Printing high quality metal materials

The Laserflex Conflux is a result of advanced, patented technology, that enables direct precision printing of multiple materials to obtain functional graded metals. Using a new process and a powder bed approach, the conventional Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) technique has been dramatically improved, resulting in:

  • Low internal stress build up during densification, resulting in low residual stress and improved resolution.
  • Homogeneous microstructure, resulting in high quality material properties without annealing.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly operation, with precise powder handling.
  • Multi and/or functional graded material build up in one build process.

The Laserflex Conflux upgrades the Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) process to provide better material quality, finer features and handling of multiple materials, keeping the advantages of a direct product generation process, without additional sintering or annealing steps.


Next to the 3D printing systems the material composition plays an equal or even more important role in the ADMAFLEX technology. We were able to qualify a strong base material recipe that gives the product solid green properties. Secondly the solid load of the powder within the liquid recipe is high ensuring industry accepted shrinkage rates of debinding and sintering. The ADMAFLEX technology for metals even advances more. AdmaPrint for metal overcomes the saddling problem of higher density materials. Secondly AdmaPrint for metals overcome the light absorbing challenges of darker powders.

From single piece to large scale production

Since the development of the functional AM process in 2012, we have applied the ADMAFLEX technology for supplying actual industrial parts with critical specifications like mechanical strength, tolerances and throughput times as a commercial ‘jobshop’ part service. The ADMAFLEX 2.0 series hugely accelerated the technology’s maturing curve and span of applicability. All lessons learned are concentrated in the first commercial available machine, the ADMAFLEX 130.

This jobshop print service upon request continues to grow. Building sizes and material palette are increasing rapidly. Also, the technology has proven itself by now, as a competitive production technology for medium and large scaled series.

In general, we supply three types of projects:

  • Feasibility studies, partially dedicated to co-engineering of ceramics, but also for Additive Manufacturing and for the ADMAFLEX technology.
  • Straight forward production, producing suitable parts in turn-key projects.
  • Series production, where medium and larger series are produced in a continuous order flow.


Aiming to serve our customers with the full range for 3D printing of ceramics, we can also provide you with ovens for the debind and sintering steps needed to obtain fully dense ceramic products. Please contact us via for more information.


Example cases

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